Saturday, April 28th 1:30-3:30PM

Acro Yoga Workshop:
Have you ever wanted to try Acro-Yoga but not known where to start? This workshop is the perfect beginning to your Acro journey. In this workshop you will learn how to develop a strong relationship based on trust and connection with your Acro partner, and learn the fundamental postures of acrobatic yoga, and partner stretches.

What to bring:

  • Form-fitting clothes that you can move in (and aren't too revealing when upside down!)
  • Water
  • One Yoga Mat per partnership
  • Notepad and pencil (optional)

About Nick and Amanda:
 Nick and Amanda started practicing acro yoga together in 2013. Nick found acro through the rock climbing community as something to do when your fingers don’t want to climb any longer. Amanda found acro through her studies of circus arts at the Bellingham Circus Guild. They day they discovered their mutual love of acro was magical and thus began their partnership. Since then, they have been developing themselves as a circus duo focusing on partner aerial silk and acrobatics. Nick teaches yoga, and fitness around the Seattle area as well as performs in musical theatre, while Amanda teaches circus full time at SANCA (school of acrobatics and new circus arts). Both graduated from Western Washington University, Nick with a degree in dance and Amanda with a degree in acting and playwriting. They will be getting married in July and are very excited to share their love of Acro Yoga with the community at Be Luminous.


$60 for 1 (Partner will be assigned to you!)

$75 for 2