Saturday, December 2 2-5PM

Subtle Body Anatomy Workshop

Join Liz in an inner adventure exploring the energetic roadmap for Prana (the energy of your breath).

What is going on in a yoga pose INSIDE the body? 

Why does yoga asana make us feel different than other types of physical activity?

How can you use subtle energies, rather than physical force to deepen your experience and practice?

This will be a very practical workshop where you'll learn tangible applications of yoga theory to make your practice more meaningful, rewarding and go deeper quickly.

This class will include a 2 hour lecture/discussion, and a 1 hour practice. 


About Liz: 

How can Liz’s teaching be summed up in two words?

innovating tradition...

Liz has a unique way of doing things, and a keen eye for subtleties that catapult her students to the next level. If you’re ready for something different and want someone who can uncover your unique strengths, offer you tangible advice to deepen your experience and get real results as a yogi, you’ve found the right teacher.

Liz has a deep respect for yoga tradition, and at the same time acknowledges that everything must evolve, including yoga. Liz’s unconventional perspective on the practice, combined with an uncanny knack for spotting the tiny thing that pulls it all together for you, is what makes her bold approach so effective. Liz has just the right mix of penetrating insight, work ethic and razor-sharp wit to make your yoga practice work for you like never before.



$35 Early Bird, Pre-register before 12/2