Online Reservation Policies, Definitions and FAQs

Online Reservations in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Access your Mindbody account.  If you’ve ever given us your email, then you already have an account.  Request a new password if you don’t know how to get in.
  2. Make a class reservation up to 1 hour prior to class start time.
  3. Cancel your reservation 4 hours before class begins to avoid the late cancel/no show fee.  (see below for details)
  4. Check-in for class at the studio or use Mindbody Connect to check-in 1 hour before class starts, per the 5-minute rule.
  5. 5–Minute Rule:  You must be checked into class 5-minutes prior to class start time, or forfeit your reservation.

Why Online Reservations for My Yoga Classes? 

Online reservations give you the power to:

  • Book your favorite classes up to 3-months in advance.
  • Plan and commit to your workout and health.
  • Be sure you’ll get a spot in those busy classes that you love, especially since we limit class sizes. 
  • Skip the scanner!  While you still check-in for class once you arrive,  you can do this on your free mobile MindBody Connect App while on your way to the studio and skip the line at the front desk.

Do I have to use online reservations? 

No, you do not have to use online reservations, however we cannot guarantee space in busy classes. 

Online Reservations - Complete Policies

  1. Reserve space in your favorite class up to 3-months in advance on the web or in the FREE MindBody Connect App (available for download for FREE in the iTunes or Google Play Stores.)
  2. On-line Reservations for classes end 1-hour before class begins.
  3. You may cancel your reservation without penalty up to 4-hours before class begins.  Within 4 hours of the class start time, you will be charged the No Show/Late Cancel Fee. This ensures equitable access for online reservations. 
  4. Check into class on the MindBody Connect App, or at the studio with your FOB.  This provides us with an accurate count of who is in class.
  5. 5-Minute Rule:  In order to maintain the integrity of our classes starting on time you must be signed in either at the studio or via MindBody connect 5-minute prior to the start of class.  If you are not signed in 5-minutes before class begins, you forfeit your reservation.  This means if you are standing in the studio but not signed in we might accidently give your space away – so, if you are here, get signed in or use MindBody Connect on your way in the door!

Will I be charged for my class if I’m unable to attend? 

You may cancel your reservation up to 4 hours before class begins with no penalty.  If you cancel your reservation within a 4-hour window of the start of class, will be charged a No Show/Late Cancel Fee.  If you simply don’t show up for class you will also be charged the No Show/Late Cancel Fee.  The fee will be equal to a deduction from your 10-class pack, or $14.50 per occurrence for all Drop-ins, 10 Class Cards, and Monthly Unlimited and Monthly Autopay.  The intention is to ensure equitable access with online reservations. 


Online Reservation:  When you reserve a spot in a class up to 3-months before that class actually occurs this is your online reservation.  You can reserve a spot in a class online at www., or via the MB Connect App.  Online reservations for classes can be made up to 1-hour before class begins.  You must cancel your reservation 4-hours before class in order to avoid the NO SHOW CLASS FEE.

Check-In:  A "check-in" tells us that you are in fact IN the class.  So, yes, you still check-in when you arrive for class.  Check-ins help us see who is actually in the room and how much space we have.  Check-in for class happens during the 1-hour preceding class.  You can do this from your desktop at work, on the mobile MindBody Connect App while sitting on the SLU Street Car, or once you arrive at the studio at the scanner.

Late Cancel:  A “Late Cancel” is when you do not cancel a reservation before the 4-hour cancellation window. In this case the No Show/Late Cancel Fee is applied to your account.  If you add a reservation two hours before class begins, and you don’t make it to that class, it counts as a Late Cancel. 

No Show/Late Cancel Fee:  In the event of a Late Cancel, and to ensure that we are equitable with all guests, a class will be deducted from your class package. If you have a Monthly unlimited or Monthly Autopay yoga package, $14.50 will be charged to your account. 

How do I get going with Online Reservations?

On the Web:  Visit, log in and make your reservations for all your classes starting December 1, 2014.
On iOS or Android:  Download the free MindBody Connect App from iTunes or the Google Play Store.  Sign in and get going.  Its simple, quick and available anywhere you are. 

Tips for MindBody Connect:  When you create your online profile, be sure to use the same email address you gave the studio in the past so that your accounts are linked.  Purchase packages and make your online reservations right from your phone desktop or tablet!