Yoga comes in many styles and brands.  At Be Luminous Yoga, we are committed to providing you to a consistent and inspiring experience.

Each time you come to the studio, you can expect:

  • Connection to your breath and body
  • Cues to help you align, modify and intensify
  • Inspiration
  • Hands on assists, unless you request otherwise
  • A welcoming environment & professional conduct
  • Well-trained and respected teachers

Power Flow (Hot Yoga)

In this perfect blend of power yoga and hot yoga (80-90 degrees), you will experience a strong practice that transforms your body and mind from the inside out.  You will pair breath, movement and heat to build strength and stamina, balanced with flexibility and suppleness. 

Our Power Flow classes offer a well-rounded mind/body workout that can be modified for a range of bodies and abilities.  The sequencing builds from a centering beginning through a flow of Sun Salutations to build heat, strong meditative transitions through standing balancing postures, back bending, core and hip openers, and a cooling, calming conclusion. Challenging variations will be offered based on level.

Key elements of Hot Power Flow include: 

  • Inspiring, uplifting energy
  • Experience strength in a vigorous and athletic flow
  • Long, challenging flow
  • Heated from 80-90 degrees
  • Explore advanced variations

Slow Flow (Unheated)

Our Slow Flow offers a meditative, intelligent yoga practice in an unheated room. The room is kept between 70-73 degrees.  Through mindful work, you will be challenged to hold postures, and refine your alignment for safety and optimal uplift and calm. You’ll leave relaxed and renewed after deep breathing and long, restorative poses.

Key elements of our slow flow classes include:

  • Energetically grounding with a longer floor series
  • Held poses, sometimes integrating props
  • Meditative flow with deep breath
  • Modifications are taught and you’ll have an opportunity to deepen your technique
  • Classes tend to be smaller than Power Flow

Restorative Yoga (Unheated)

Restorative Yoga works from the premise that in physical stillness we can release on a deep level – body and mind.  You’ll hold poses longer than usual, often supported by props – bolsters and blankets - and you will enjoy time spent in deep stillness and quiet. Come enjoy this calming, healing time, and release the buildup of stress and anxiety of your busy life.